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quarta-feira, 17 de junho de 2009

Solving Crime

Um despretensioso texto feito para treinar o inglês do CCAA... Espero que não contenha erros...

I see this photograph and my mind goes away in the past days of my childhood. It would be a nice beautiful family photo, when all people were not so happy because the circumstances were sad: my uncle Jhon died in an accident but his body wasn’t found. It happened some weeks ago. And in that moment of the photography, if my family wasn’t happy, at least they found console in the presence of each other. Except for my beautiful mother, all people in the photo traveled a lot to be there in that moment. There was my uncle Ben that traveled from London, my grandmother from Italy, my uncles Paul and Brad from Scotland. And the family’s lawyer, too.

I was ten years old. The camera was in my hands and I was prepared to shot. All my relatives were there near each other, with sad smiles in their faces because the events and the testament of my dead uncle Jhon

It would be a nice beautiful family photo, I think again. But instead of it, it is a strange photography. Who can understand the surprised faces looking to a fixed point beyond me, the photographer, and my uncle Ben pointing to someone or something, like if all of them were looking a phantom?

But really they were looking to a phantom. It was my uncle’s Jhon phantom. I was scared and the camera did shot.

But it was a joke. A badly joke of uncle Jhon. His body was never found because he wasn’t dead. He was alive and in a fit of laugher. He just wanted get-togheter the family because someone was angry with each other and never would be present in that moment if was called. So, he decided to create a strategy to get-together all family: a lie of his dead. All the time he was hidden in his big house. But his strategy didn’t work very well. All the family was very angry during the get-together and it took them a long time – almost a year – to forget the angry and forgive him. But after a year, in a new get-together all my family was laughing of that moment.

This photograph. It would be a nice beautiful family photo, but…

2 comentários:

  1. ah! neim autor! eu nunca fiz ingl~es no CCAA, não há tratução para este conto? já li todos os outros... gostei muito, mas esse....

    Abraços literários de lucia helena

  2. Ok Lúcia! Vou publicá-lo traduzido.
    Grande abraço!